Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Now, antiscipating I'll become the new coal barron after

Santa fills my hanging socks this Christmas, the weather has changed once again. instead of 12 degrees, it is 54!! SO my moment of fun this past year has provided no fruits for me. I might as well be a "Good Boy" for the rest of this and next year too. sigh. a moment of fun just contributed to ruining 12 perfectly good socks.( yes, I hung 12 large socks out-I thought Santa would count the number of "Fun" moments and distribute coal as required) Nope! Not that I'm really a naughty person, I just thought he'd get tired of hauling around all that coal and deposit the largest sum as quickly as possible. again, nope.

So here I am, thinking back to yesterday, when the cities plow truck created a tidal wave of snow that knocked over my heavy trash cart. I put it back up and presto, the trash truck came by. Those poor employee's: the normal tipping truck wouldn't work in this slop: they had the old stand by, a old truck that lifted by going to the rear and helping the old truck lift and dump it. I bet they were ready for the long weekend of one day off!

So, sloppy Sunday is here and I'm getting ready for the rain to start to fall. Wow, I guess I should go now and start practicing being a good boy.

I'm off.

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