Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hey, guess who's coming to town today?

Yes, I know traditionally it's after Thanksgiving Day, just before the Lion's lose to the Packers. But over here in Grand Rapids, we're holding our Santa parade today. Just before the freezing rain. Yay planners!
So, should I hang my big socks over the imaginary fireplace, so Santa can leave oodles of coal?? sigh. But I've been a "Good Boy" this past year. No fun!!!!!
oh well. A cootie put together kit, a battery operated reel to reel tape recorder, ( held 3 inch tape spools) and of course, the ever present bag of "un-mentionables," (assorted underwear things, sock and ect). ok, maybe a dress tie for when we go to church or a funeral or wedding. Best Christmas present ever was when we went to Chicago to visit all of the museums and other great places. We took a train and the chef on the train was our neighbor. peachy keen to say the least! memories kids have last a life time. Good or bad.

So, I guess today I'll decide on if I'm going to mail Christmas cards out this year. Gosh, they're expensive!

"HO HO HO" ok, that's way too early. I need the practice!

I'm off.

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