Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

oh my aching back.....

That's what I get for going out and shoveling snow. it's 19 degrees outside with a wind chill down to single digits. We got more than a foot of snow. My neighbor bought a new snow blower and he did my sidewalk this morning. I just went outside and you can not tell what he did! I made a path for the mailman and that was it. It will quit snowing sometime Thursday. Maybe.

I finally, after fighting with "Oblivion" since Friday, got through that one, terrible Gate! I had to contend with 3 falling rocks, so many imp's I lost count. All this for just one Gate. I'm now on a quest to buy a house. Good luck!

I do so enjoy Bethesda games software. Maybe I'll actually start SKyrim later this month?

So now I'm investigating Laptop's. My old Dell has reached its' design life. about 4 years! Pretty good for a Laptop and a Dell. So I guess I know what Santa might be bringing me for Christmas. sigh. No toys. Again..."YET!".

I do have a whopping list of E-Books I would love to fill a Kindle with, if and when I get a Kindle. Now there's a great invention. The E-Book. You can't wear it out!

ok, time to do the laundry, and snuggle the scooter cat. sigh. it never ends!


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