Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

three artic blasts within 4 days! are we lucky or what.

I got to brush the snow off the steps, twice! it's mostly power stuff, but, one good warm day above freezing and presto, icy steps.
The roast turned out great! oh, that aroma filled the whole house till almost bed time. But, as is all meat prices these days, it went up about 5 to 7 dollars from what I paid the last time I bought it. I guess once every other month or so is ok too.

So today I'm putting up with clogged sinuses. yuck. and of course, the ever present Mr. & Mrs. Arthritis. Those naughty rascals!

Well, time to wipe last nights sleep from my eyes and get on with cold and getting colder Monday: we have a winter storm watch out or warning, from 2pm today till sometime next July!!!

I'm off and yawning.

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