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"What is a cuthulu plushie?' I wish I had one now....

Well, can't believe it's been about a whole week since I made a entry here. Lets see.....My neck is aching, if I get anymore bent over, I will be able to carry a tray on my back. already, i've had two offers for the job of bell ringer at Notre Dame. achhhhhh. But the money was'nt right. The nerve!!
Hey, life is full of interesting events, some painful, but all a opportunity to become stronger and learn more about yourself. ( good grief. i sound like a snoopy toon.)
I tried and actually bought's movie database program. wow, it is very efficient and connects right to the internets movie database site and downloads essentials. Not everything, but enough.
I counted and have 320 movies.This does not include dragonbal z or any of my anime series. wow. am i rich??? ha ha ha. Nope, thank god for walgreens vhs maxells tape on going tape sale. 6 tapes for 9 bucks! wow and my friends who buy that for me instead of other useless junk. Only took about 3 years or so.
I get to see TWO dr.s this coming week. first, on wednesday, my arthritis dr. He's the one who provides very limited services, mainly with arthritis only. Now this would be ok, if the meds he gives me doesn't interact with the meds the other dr. gives me. but the other dr. is over scheduling like theres no tomorrow. 4 school age physicals, and me scheduled at the same time: please.......
well, now to plan on how to plow through this coming week.
program the repeater yet tonight, plan on providing morse code practice on the air, see the dr. check out Queen Esmeralda on the action channel Tuesday night. arrrrrr.
nighty. now where's my plushie????

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