Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Jingle bells Batman smells, Robin laid an egg"

The Bat mobile dropped a wheel And the Joker got away." I had almost forgot about watching the Simpson till Seawasp kind of reminded me with that quote above. ah,, another memory to relish. actually, yes it is. I had fond memories of shows that poked fun at "everything". Remember Rocky and Bullwinkle? Boris and Natasha....if I keep this up, I'll be giggling most of Sunday!
I set my "Nose-cat" to get me up by 9:30AM. I had a roast to prepare and that takes time. oh my gosh does it ever! But after 35 minutes or so, counting washing and drying dishes, it's in the slow cooker. Yay me. Now I can wash my hands of the whole things and take in the wonderfully pleasant aroma only a slow cooker can make.
So now, it is Sunday and I already brushed the snow off the steps. yes, we have about 2 inches of snow and counting! I guess I should make my usual Sunday phone calls and see what my friends are up to. All except two of them: They're out Bambi hunting! For shame!! What would Thumper say!!!

ok, I'm off with the nose-cat in my lap.
have groovy Sunday, as Ash would say.

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