Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Jingle know the rest. gads. it's almost that time once again. Black sales day

I would hope I would learn from my last shopping experience of shopping on "Black Friday". Never again. The internet is good enough for most gifts. Except those hard to find items: a full size adult Tyrannosaurus Rex Skelton for $100,000.00. I guess I won't find that under the old Christmas Tree. sigh, to be a kid once again and only wish for a Lionel Train, or a new bicycle. NO UNDERWEAR ALLOWED! Who asks for socks anyway? Of course, the most memorial gift of all was just feeling the warmth that my family gave to all of us. of feeling safe, loved and more than enough well fed. Yes folks, my being overweight had more to do with a certain grand parents going through and surviving the Great Depression of 1929. That changed their lives forever and also how they treated other people. We would never lock the back door for fear of offending any hobo or homeless person who came to our door and might want a meal. They were very serious about this.
Now days, with this proliferation of guns as a means to solve any problem I've installed deadbolts. Shame on me.

But this is glorious Saturday. Yes it is. Snow starting later today, freezing temps more freezing than they are now, and did I mention the thing about more snow? I did? ok. just so you know.

OK, I'M OFF! ( yes, its true!)

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