Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Oblivion is giving me fits.

I can't seem to find any door to get me into the tower. They sure like to make cat walks and tunnels.
Wow, at my old alma matter, they had 4 feet of snow! here we had about 3 inches, but that will change. The gobble gobble day is fast approaching too. woe, there sea biscuit. Slow up there a tad. Dates seem to be going faster than I remember them. we always had time between Halloween, T-Day and my birthday, I mean Christmas. Now, it seems like they're all hitched together.
Or, I'm just getting older.

well, it is grocery shopping day. oh fun. and, the parking lot will be covered with snow and perhaps ice. ah....oh well. got to eat.
Woke up today by my nose-alarm system. ( Scooter the cat).
if I ever find the reset button on him...

ok, time to check the grocery list. can you think of anything I forgot?

I'm off.

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