Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hey, I guessed right!

we're snowing to beat the band! Roads have turned into parking lots, haven't heard about school closings, but it won't be far behind. Today and tomorrow we get artic blast one, followed by artic blast two over the weekend. Now that will be cold.
So today, I get to further clean the house, throw oodles of memories away and vacuum all my cat hairs, and assorted dust into the bag of memories. sort of.

Have you ever wondered what your old girlfriend - boyfriend were doing? Did they achieve their potential? sometimes I wonder about that kind of stuff. especially with folks I've been heavily involved with. I wish them well and will respect the fact, they haven't been as curious about me as I am them. Thank goodness for furry critters, huh.

ok, time to get the old soldering iron out. work to be done today.

I'M OFF ( most of the time, anyway)

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