Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

The last 50 degree day of 2014!

I'm not sure on this, but from what I see in the extended forecast, ugh.
I should curl up with a nice warm anime or film. Like last night, I watched "Maleficent". A great way to get excited about the upcoming storm. Nothing mother nature can throw at us can outdo what Maleficent could do. This really filled in the holes the fairy tale left. "What caused her to become this hateful" and how did it end. a evening well spent!

So now I'm stuck in "Oblivion". Don't seem to be able to find the stupid stone to shut a gate. and, there are adventures before the closing and the middle and probably at the end. ugh! One thing at a time, please! I want to wander the Oblivion world. I can't wait to start "SKyrim". and now I hear Bethesda studios may be releasing another game this year. I do love talented people who love what they're doing, and are capable of achieving their goal.

so I'm also stuck on the color scheme for the pamphlet. I was thinking maybe, brown, white background with a tad of green. or light blue with orange.


ok, time to curl up with the kitty kat, SCOOTER and pull the blankets over my head. Oh, I've made up a birthday present list for you to chose from. You can down it, it's only 320 pages long!

ok, I'm off.

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