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Wow, it sure got humid over here......

I hate sitting in my own sweat. Now don't get me wrong, I love to work hard enough to work up a "good" sweat, but I simply can not stand, or really, sit, in my own sweat. Yuckie! And taking a bath simply doesn't do the trick. My shirt is sticking to my back, my dog is laying at my feet, with that " Why me" expression on his face. Oh the horror....It's summer. Gosh, I almost forgot what that was like. But we did have one great thing happen over here: my brother's pal almost got bit by a hornet, goodbye hornets. He sprayed the nest right after being buzzed by one. I couldn't believe it, but he said he was ready for them. He looked for all the world like a neighborhood commando seeking out the enemy, and spraying them. Man, those hornets dropped like flies. Good thing too. There were oodles of them. Now, it is safe to take Blaze outside and not worry about him sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. Gosh, I was scared when he did that. It would have killed him for sure. I really do hate to kill anything, and wish there was a way around this, but none of us could come up with a reasonable, workable solution. Nuts. Oh, I almost got a Arnold "yes I'm running for Governor" hair cut. It cost money, made some noise, ran up an electric bill, we did a lot of talking, but in the end, not a whole lot got done. I only needed a trim, but had him give me a jar head hair cut. wow, now thats cool.
Curious, why is it, if a person has a lot of money, they think they can do anything?????

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