Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Did you vote?"

yup. I did. and even have a sticker to prove it. typical voting weather to boot! cold, rainy and soggy leaves all over the sidewalk. I decided I'd start staying away from the TV by watching new to me and others: "Thor: Dark world". Good choice! nobody else seems to have watched it either. all that talent wasted. Then I watched "Despicable 2". funny movie! that brought a smile to my face. so today, I thought I start watching "The Legend of Korra, book one and two". Now I find out book 4 is going to be shown next month or so?

Had to answer the phone: AT & T want's to give me a special deal on U-verse. arrrrr! everyday, Monday through Saturday, at 10AM, they call. everyday, Monday through Saturday, I hang up. You'd think they would get the message.

I do suppose I'll have to watch the news sometime today just to see how other real events in the world are turning out.
sigh. just think. it was 10 years ago today, that Scooter the cat showed up at our front door with his sister. We took Scooter in, but his sister was just too wild. sad.

ok, I'm off.

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