Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Ok, the scary pumpking goes, both up there as my icon and the one on the front porch.

I only put the one on the front porch for my neighbor: she said she missed seeing it. I planed on doing nothing yesterday, and I was successful! See, it feels good when you accomplish something.
Now, today, I'm getting ready to not watch TV from now till Wednesday. All the election non-sense, sounds like an announcer at a horse race. so-n-so is neck and neck with whats his name. I only wish they had a spongebob square pants day on. I guess the TMNT will have to do. ( teenage mutant ninja turtles)
The world, she has gone crazy. I've been checking out the customer reviews on laptop computers. Gad zooks! what junk! What happened? you used to buy a Laptop computer and expect, with a high level of confident, I might add, that it would last at least 3 years. Now, from what I read from customer reviews, we're talking about months, at best. Of course, if the thing works ok, you never heard about it. I'll keep looking. So, I greet Monday with a smile and huddled against a warm, fuzzy Scooter the cat. It's cold outside!

ok, I'm off.

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