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On a quiet Sunday afternoon......

Well, it looks like the cycle has turned once again. Why is it, that some people will not respect other peoples' lives, rights and their belief in their own god?? Descartes was right, somethings, are complex, indeed!
Well, I am waiting this one out by cataloging all of my video tapes. I can't believe how many anime tapes I have: none store bough, however. My loss! I just counted over 350 VHS tapes, some with that new, goody two shoes S-VHS. ( Super-Very Handily Stupid! I paid $235.00 for this stupid VCR this past January. Next year, the year of the DVD.)
So, I'm cataloging all these movies and using a program I found on the ZDTV net thing www.
You merely enter the title of the movie and it'll go to a huge ( they say) movie data base on the internet and enter a lot of data. Good deal. It was only $25 bucks and I'll guess I'll wait for buy the Live journal thing. I have decided to do so after reading what is going on with a lot of my new friends lifes. I like to be able to put anything I want on this page, with out being called names or told to check spelling.
My new computer is on hold: my friend is broke or so he said: yeah right, 5 kids in college, 3 cars and a van, hey, wait a minute, he's right, he is broke!!
I am willing to say to you, go see Hannebal. I just watched it like 4 times! Ridley Scott makes one heck of a great movie. Otherwise, it would seem a boring time to go to the theater.
Happy fit is back, This kid really needs to get a life!!!!!!!
No wonder I have'nt seen his writing lately: he's busy doing one thing or another. I wish I was going to school once again.
wait a minute: text books, used, between $125.00 to 225.00. No, I guess I don't. But I'm still thinking of finally geting my Ph.D.. They say this is the right age to get ones degree in philosophy?????
Well, I hope we all have a future tomorrow. May GOD +++ be with all of us.

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