Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hey, it's TGIF. WE MADE IT!

YAY us. so now what????? what do you have planed for the BIG weekend? Nothing over here either. except, it's one weekend away from 1. All Saints Day 2. All souls Day 3. Halloween and 4. Daylight savings time change.
Busy week ahead. I don't think I'll be passing out candy this year. I can't find any kids who live in our neighborhood. I guess I'll have to have a heart to heart talk with the young married couples around here and see if we can't get something started. Though, I think I have a better chance at winning lotto.
I think I'll start watching "The Legend of Korro". I always liked that series. I also would love it if AMC would once again have Roger Corman host a Halloween special. That was special.

so, being TGIF, it's time to PUSH OFF and get off of here.


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