Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

brisk Sunday.......Yes, Karen, there is frost on the pumpkin today..

and the cat did allow me to sleep in. He curled up against my legs so if I moved, I'd push against him. So, I was careful I didn't do that. ( I think he knew I was being careful-he didn't seem to care!).

so today is just right for goulash! At $5.59 per 1.3 lb, it better be good. and did I mention it is HOCKEY season!!!!! I actually watched the whole RedWings maple leafs last night. IT WAS GREAT. of course, soccer was on another channel. boo hiss. I can't possibly watch two channels at once....

another one of my old old friends passed away. He was 91 years old. I can not for the world, imagine what that man experienced in life in over 91 years! can you? all the world fairs, wars, progress... wow. talk about blow your socks off.
R.I.P. Larry.

Do I or you, want to live to be 91?? Now being religious, I know we're spirits, who travel this planet in these bodies. while the body returns to dust, the spirit was created to live for eternity. but to live here for 91 years!!!
wow, I think that takes some kind of special. Imagine all your loved ones leaving before you, and you feeling your friendship circle broken apart. wow.

this is a good Sunday pondering piece.
so, off with me. out to the kitchen. I'm getting hungry. yum.

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