Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

TGIF and a warm cup of java. yum

this is how I greet the morning. I try to keep my eyes closed and wait to sip that first hot bit of coffee. ah....nothing greets the day like hot coffee. well, maybe a hot purring kitty kat, but you can't drink them.

so right now, Mr.Sunshine is illuminating our day, with Ms.Rain clouds just peeking over the hills. It could be a soggy afternoon. Just in time for grocery shopping. YAY ME. ah, yes, that time once again, when I scamper through the aisles, watching my toes so they don't get run over by frisky folks on electric carts. I'll be keeping my eye open for those "swell" sale items, like buy 10 get one free. Yes, buy 10 cans of Crisco and get one free. I love these sales.

Now, what to get from the butcher???? I live alone, except for the fur ball that just jumped off my lap. every once and awhile I'll get a roast and treat myself for about 3 days with left overs. But, anything gets old after 2 days or so.
"What's a boy to do?" cream liver soup? fried onion radish salad?? or meatloaf soup? decisions. oh well, wait till tomorrow and I'll share what actually happens.

I'm OFF.

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