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Schools back in sesson....sort of..

ok, its not "real" school, but there still is a lot of work involved, both the teaching and the learning part. I'm teaching the Morse Code on our club's VHF repeater. at 8pm and 11pm, Monday,Wednesday and Friday. For a whole 4 weeks. Yippee....
I'm doing this cause a lot of people seem to be actually interested in picking up this skill. It's kind of cool, in that its use is independant of communications equipment: you can use, cigarette smoke, lights, clicks ect. And people across the world know its language. The best part is, I have absolutetly no idea how many people are listening. Our repeater has a range for about the middle of Michigan, to almost half way into the middle of Lake Michigan( I had nothing to do with that blunder)
Pretty good day. I mowed all of my neighbors lawn before it rained, created and printed 100 business cards for an Fine Art's group, got my utility bills. Say, didn't I just pay them??? "It's not fair!".
oh well. Monday was a kick, and Cooly Fooly is on in about 26 minutes. yeah....Then I'm going to watch a nice Japanese movie I've been trying to watch for the last week: " Yi Yi" Seems to be pretty good.

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