Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

TGIF and we did have frost on the pumpkin this morning.

So, now they're saying we'll have a much colder and snowier winter. gee, do you suppose that just might something to do with a change in the winter jet stream pattern? Naw. it's just a cycle kind of thing.

So here it is TGIF and I have my local postoffice acting like sherluck homes: I still haven't received my stamps and the tracking system stopped after it left sorting??? and the failure occurred in Texas.

So I ordered two books of stamps from my local post office yesterday and I will receive them today. amazing. I just love privatization, don't you?

HOCKEY SEASON has started. YAY us.

Hey, its time to coil up the garden hose and store it through the winter. And no more mowing the lawn!
This is looking good so far.
on the sad note, as I went to turn the porch light off last night, I spotted Princess the cat. she looked so cold, she jumped onto the table and stared in at me and scooter. of course scooter, being the proverbial pain in the rear cat, just wanted to tear her apart. she has survived for about 4 years outside, and somebody did take her in. Where are they now?

ok,I'm off.


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