Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Live: Die: Repeat: wow. good movie

I thought, instead of getting all dolled up for a club meeting I wasn't going to go to, I'd watch my new movie. Wow! from the first second to the end, I didn't move. now days, that's kind of rare for me to not get up to get a snack or something. Not this time. it's almost as good as Godzilla, which I may watch again tonight.
busy day yesterday. laundry, walk up to the avenue, clean off shelve unit, add minutes to my cell phone. wow, the service is good till 2/10/2015! How many minutes, not that good. argue with USPS. I ordered stamps and son of a gun, somehow, they lost it? How do you lose a flat of collector stamps? well, the big shot at my local postoffice is tracking it. nuts. so I ordered two books of stamps from her. I do have bills to pay and yes, I use the U.S. Mail.

well, Happy Thursday is upon us. Yay, almost jumps onto table and waves arms. almost.

I'm off.

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