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I just had another scare, but bigger...

My dog is old. He's about 14 or so. Nobody knows, cause his delightful previous owners, when faced with taking care of an older dog,just opened up the door one day, and let him leave. I guess the prospect of veterinarian costs scared them. Well, like most critters, and humans too, he has to go bathroom at night, at least once. Usually, this is no big deal. Open the door, walk along side of him, and kind of steady him as he goes down the special ram we've installed for him. ( no, we're not rich at all-the ramp is a outdated one that was threw away while a more expensive one was installed for a neighbor) Then he does his business, and I lead him back up the ramp. No problem. Except, we have a colony of hornets that have built a hive under one edge of a table we're going to throw away when I get the drop off bin, dropped off. The bee's have postponed that till the first good frost. Well tonight, I let frosty out, walked him down, and he proceed to do his thing, then walk around. Meanwhile, I hurry inside,empty the kitchen garbage container and go outside. Frosty is patrolling the fence, looking for intruders ( I do go on, now, don't I?) Well, I rush inside and put a new garbage liner in the container and go outside to see what the dog is up to. only, I can't see him anywhere. I look around and here, out of the corner of my eye, is one white furry critter, with his head stuck under the table, right in the hornets nest! I yell at him, grab him and almost push him inside. I close the door, and look out. nothing. I know his big nose must have hit the hive. but nothing. What a lucky pooch this guy is. So, to punish him for going where he wasn't supposed to go, I have him laying at my feet in my bedroom with the air conditioner on. He likes that cause it removes oodles of humidity, which bothers his arthritis. Oh, he does'nt know how lucky he is. If this had been during the day.....
So now I'm going to call the vet and see about removing the hornet threat.

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