Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Well, the sun has returned and the rain moved....but not far

Gosh, I really miss my Butternut tree. it's 11 leave stems, provided a wonderful canopy of cool relaxing shade. in the summer, it gave off the impression of being a palm tree, while in the fall and winter, it was a pain in my rear! The leaves would all fall off after the first frost. I mean, like, at night, bang! you would hear all the leaves hit the ground. grass and sidewalk were hidden from view. The good news, the leaves would rapidly decay into very small debris. One pass with the lawn mower with a grass catcher attached, and presto, leaves all gone for another season. Now, bare grass with the occasional maple leave ( occasional maple leave my butt-more like the entire neighborhoods maples directed themselves to my yard).

I'm hard at work designing the pamphlet for the telegrapher's Society. I will once again try to be original with the art work. This is the time when a good table and pen would really be useful. I still haven't found a quality web design program. Microsoft seems hell bent on leather to get out of the software business. just look at all the products they don't sell anymore. pitiful. egads! you don't think they think they're going to stay alive by X-Box sales and window phones???

so, I guess it's time to " I'm Off", till tomorrow. can you all wait? do you lose sleep over waiting for me??? see, I told you, I'm Off!.

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