Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Did they change their mind? or

just waiting for midnight tonight?
Mr.Computer has been acting up these last few days. monitor goes dark, dvd/cd rom drive won't read, but will write. good gosh, this thing is only 3 years or so old. I did manage to order a replacement dvd/cd drive. but not a Blu-ray drive. the next machine, yup, but not this one.
Next machine? yup, I'm already planning on what it will contain. Hopefully, I won't have to finalize the plans till next year. Hopefully I have that much time before design failure. what a yuckie term for an engineer to have to use.

well, fall and a taste of winter have arrived. yesterday, the temp was 79 degrees and today we'll be lucky to reach 58. yay Michigan.
it's now kind of official. I'm out of the club that I do the newsletter for. seems they fit the old form of 99 indian chiefs and one indian: I'm the indian. I'll work my butt off for a cause, just don't iqnore your responsibilities in dealing with my job.
So, I'm kind of afloat right now. I'm designing a web page and banner for a friend who is getting into business. I may actually volunteer to create another newsletter for another club. and of course, I do have my stuff I really need to deal with. yikes! I do get behind.

roll up or I'm off.

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