Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

another beautiful FRIDAY and yes, it is TGIF

wow, I have so much fun planed for this weekend, I can't contain myself! I'm going to try and sleep in both days, maybe pickup reading that book I put down, some where, and of course, be chronic lazy. just for 2 days mind you.
I have attack on titan part 2 to watch. That series does kind of grow on you. I saw the first few episodes on Cartoon Network and didn't think much of them. You see, that's why I own both parts now. I keep thinking about Bleach. that started out so good and look where it ended up. End the story, don't just keep going on with it. there's no story there that resembles the first episode.
but hey, HOCKEY starts within a few weeks! YAY us.

ok, time to roll down or

I'm off

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