Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn

So, hurry, get your rakes out and follow me as I sit on the front porch and count the leaves falling off the trees. I'll do this till the 10,000 leaf falls off, and then start raking. See, there is madness to my method. and you all thought I was just nuts these past years.
ha. I practice at doing this.
so I slept in, Scooter the cat allowed me that simple pleasure. yay cats! woke up and made coffee while deciding if I should go to all the work in making eggs or toast: toast with it's simple lever won out.
read the massive Sunday paper and listened to "The Lawyers", a local program with professors from Cooley Law school yacking it up.
Later today, I'll have my joy when Leo Laport, The Tech Guy comes on the air.
tonight I haven't a clue, but I guess I must decide which PS-3 games to put in" oblivion, or Skyrim. THey'll both be played, but which one first?
and exactly when is Fallout 4 coming out? I miss THREE DOG...
ok, time to roll off and be out of here.

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