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I just had a little scare, of sorts....

I was almost going to Best Buy and, Circuit City to see what DVD players they had, when I went on the internet and checked the units warranties.... 90 days on labor and 1 year of parts??? This, for a $599.95 DVD stand alone recorder!!! Blink-BIG-Blink!
I checked, and gosh, most, not all, of the players have only about 90 days on both parts and labor???? What's wrong with this picture. I had a friend who is professionally involved with graphics, digital and everything photographic, stop by and I mentioned this to him. He told me not to buy anything with only a 90 day warranty!!! Where's that BetaMax tape????
I'm still going to get one, just get the features I want and cross my fingers on the warranty.
Thanks Lurker for the advise.

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