Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

the weekend is upon us,,, cold, soggy. "Did I say cold?" try 47 this morning

and 40 tomorrow. yay us. I like nothing to do Saturdays. well, surely I have oodles to do, but I like being lazy and watching the silver colored clouds float by. as a very creative professor once said," color is recognition and shadow is definition". Now you know why I love black and white movies. I think they're glorious.
so as I sip yummy hot coffee, I think about what movie I might start to watch tonight. The stupid phone has been interrupting just about everything I've tried to watch. If it isn't the land lined phone, its the cell phone ( how did they get my number?). Then last night, believe it or not, I get a call pretending to be from or about the social security administration. "With a Philippian accent?" The call came in at 8:30PM. I don't think so.
ok, I should go pet the cat and get another delicious cup of coffee.

I'm off.

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