Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I stayed up and watche "As it happened" on MSNBC.

I was transfixed by watching what I had watched when it first happened. it was still powerful and got me personally involved once again. Asking the obvious questions: "Why" "How could they?". they still are unanswered. I'd like to think human beings valued life, not butchery. but I guess that's a hard lesson for me to learn.
On a good note yesterday, my pal came over to take me up to Walgreens to get my medicine and him, being a Boy Scout leader, had all but forgotten about the scouts visiting the Presidential Gerald Ford Museum to do their salute to all who lost their lives on that day. so he remembered in time and took the troop down for their salute.

ok, it's TGIF and enjoy the cool weekend.

I'm off

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