Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Excuse red above, while she goes inside to put on warm clothes.

Autumn is about to "Fall" on us. and how. from a high of 83 yesterday to 59 tomorrow. YAY. that means, Christmas and my birthday are right around the corner. So to you help you guys and gals out, I'll be jotting down gift ideas from now on.
1. is a yearly subscription to Apple for their next I-Phone. yes, a subscription service. You'll be bill every time Apple comes out with a new phone. about 2 years.

well, that is what it feels like. this latest release looks more like an update on fashion than anything else.

I'm saying all this because I'm going to get my first smarty pants phone next month. my contract runs out on this baby and I'm not getting all the neat and non-essential features everybody else is getting. like the one touch button that tells you how much you owe on the phone. handy, huh.
So, besides getting ready for cooler temps and raking up leaves, I should be giving a lot of thought as to what "color" my phone will be. Right.

ok, Mr. Arthritis is knocking at the front door. I'm off.

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