Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

See, school is indeed, in session....The teacher is at the blackboard!

Teacher Mr.Bumpy of course. I miss the little green guy. I miss Toon Disney! I watched it when it first came on DirectTV. all those wonderful Disney Saturday morning toons! ah.......

Back to the present. I just spent $100.00 on groceries, and almost have to hunt to see what I got. Wow. But, I did manage to buy some new frozen dinner things. Well, new to me. If there is one thing I can't stand, is looking and tasting cooked frozen mashed potato's. What were they thinking??? I did this just to be different. variety and all that. I think it's ( interrupted by Cat On Lap) just a change that helps get through the month or week. You know, that routine you get yourself into, by eating at the same place for lunch day after day. Monotonous isn't it. So I change or better yet, get into a habit of changing what I do. eat lunch at this place on Monday ( or try a different dinner item) and then so on and so on till the weekend comes. Then it's back to bologna and mustard with cheese..... I didn't say I solved the whole problem, did I?

Saturday football. Go Green Go BLue GO LAKERS

I'm off.

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