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we may make it today. the first and last 90 degree day....on the 4th of September!

So Scooter the cat woke me up to tell me those flashes and rumbling of thunder were storms moving through our area. Nice kitty! So I got up after having a nice night's sleep, even though the dreams were weird...not cartoon network weird, more like Rod Sterling weird. Is it something I ate???

So while petting the cat and attempting to sip coffee, I am making this entry. wish me luck! I am so glad that the last high school class I took before college started and it was in the summer too, was typing! Saved my butt many times. If your going off to college, take a typing class. It's an amazing skill that will open many opportunities for you.

so now while it appears darker now than when we went to sleep last night, I turned the lights on so I could see what I'm doing. I don't need lights to see what I'm typing though.( poke poke)

Ok, I put "Blue Gender" in last night, and maybe, just maybe, its starting to make some sense. Maybe.
I think I should be off now. before we lose power.

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