Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Today's secret visitor is Gort!" I was going to bring Mojo jo jo, but

he was monkeying around. ( hey, come on, it's only Wednesday, I get to act like an ass sometimes! ok, more than sometimes)
Wednesday morning greeted us ( the cat and I) with Princess the abandoned cat siting in front of my door: she wanted to come in. Scooter, the cat wanted her to come in. Princess has been declawed and scooter hasn't been! no way.
As I watched this friendly, snuggly cat visit me for food and human companionship over the last 2 years, I wonder what kind of people would simply throw this beautiful creature away! Or worse, abandon the cat. I have no idea where the cat lived, only that 2 years ago I saw this cat walk across the street to play with some children on the corner. I was sitting on my front porch steps and she came over and sat next to me. So started our long friendship. I still feed her even though one of my kind neighbors has taken her in over the winter. Yay for kind people. When I reached down to pet her, I could feel the little puncher marks on her back from being in fights with our other neighbor cats. I bet we had 7 loose cats around here 2 years ago. The king of the neighborhood cats was a big mean orange cat. he seemed to like to lord it over all the other cats. He no longer lives here. His owners took him with them.

So now it's time to go out and have a good morning conversation with Princess. I call her princess, because she is so well mannered and acts so polite ( unlike some other cats I know!).

So, I'll be off for now, talking with the cats. maybe they have a solution to the problems in this old world. Hint: give all the bad people cat nip!.

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