Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

a boy and his cat....

Mr. Arthritis has been visiting me these last few days, and it has been playing havoc with my joints. But through all of this, Scooter the cat has been with me thick and thin. Yesterday, after a night of aching, and not being able to go to sleep, I got up and sat in the computer chair and scooter the cat joined me. so while I held the cat, he fell asleep. The rat!!!! and then, I followed suit!
we slept like that for a good hour and then with scooter yawning and me rubbing my eyes, we got up.
What did I learn from that experience? Why, a furry fuzz ball cat called Scooter is worth more than any Blue Cross Blue Sheild card any day. ( and the cat is way less expensive!)
so today, we ready to start the big labor day weekend. this celebration will include rain for the next 3 days and possible thunderstorms. Yay.
and lets not forget, school starts next Tuesday. Yay again.

ok, time to "Be off"

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