Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

See, i said I would return.

Scooter had enough petting and snuggling, so I got free of the fur ball. At least for a while.
I was thinking, as I looked through the Warner Brothers Archive collection catalog, that wouldn't it be nice if anime stores could offer out of print/ circulation films, like Warner Brothers does: using DVD'sto burn disc as ordered. ( they don't really do this, but the concept might benefit a bunch of us anime fans). Just think, anime's we've seen many years ago could still be ordered. Wow, the distributing company could cash in, so would the author, the production company and of course, us.
it would be a bear to get all the companies to agree on licensing, and I admit, I would steer clear of that effort. But it "Could" work.
This idea struck me as I was looking for a DVD that I almost got as an pay-per-view last February. I couldn't find it. the stocking shelve units had been depleted and no new stock was manufactured. all gone.
this is just an idea. but it could work..

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