Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, now that was an educational moment...

I bought Black Lagoon before I had a Blu Ray player. so the 3 Blu-ray discs in the box set didn't make much sense to me. Now they do. Yay me. What a sad way for Black Lagoon to end. I want to see the Russian princess get her clock cleaned. hint hint. maybe an idea for a third season??

So last night was a bear. Mr. Arthritis really acted up. I couldn't sleep from the tooth ache in my neck ( that's what it felt like) so I got up at 3AM to play Fallout 3. ok. it didn't help but it was a nice distraction.

this weekend is going to be an old fashioned summer August: temps in the 80's, dew points in the 70 and humidity way up. oh yuck.

the only good thing was that the Moody Blues played at Meijer gardens last night. Yes, I completely forgot. so I guess I'll have to dig out my Moody albums. ah....what a wonderful group of people.
swirling mellotrons and some of the best guitar playing this side of the Atlantic.
oh, did I mention to day is grocery day? boo hiss. well, there goes the rest of my toy money. nuts!

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