Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Have any of you read Hilary Clinton's book, "Hard Choices"?

I was just wondering. I have found out my taste in reading material seems to go from sci-fi to real life and everything in between. I thought I might give reality a try with Hilary's book, but can't make my mind up.

You know, as one grows older, you start to notice the B.S. factor that surrounds us. this morning, our local "BIG TIME" AM radio station, made a big deal out of Michael Browns stealing cigars from that convenience store. See' what an evil person he is!!! wow. he completely skipped the fact the officer didn't know about the cigars. He didn't mention the 6 shots the kid received. He did go on a rant about using deadly force ( this must be when the officer became scared that Mr.Brown might actually light a cigar and blow smoke in his face?)

I was certain we'd hear an add to join the NRA.

ok, there. I did part of my venting. But, B.S. is still B.S..

ok, it's Monday. have a great week.

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