Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

lazy Saturday and Sunday too..

Here I am, with cat on lap, trying to make an LJ entry. Good luck with that. Today, unlike yesterday, I could have slept in, except for .......Scooter the cat. He loves to meow me awake at the worse times ( like Saturday mornings).
But, I'm woke now. So, looking at the schedule I made yesterday for this weekend, I start off doing nothing but drinking my morning coffee. ah, that's the ticket. The lawn does not need mowing and it's supposed to rain later today.

Today I have the pleasure of making out the early draft of our club's newsletter. Yes, indeed, it is that time again. 4 times a year. ah. maybe I can make this one more interesting than the others. interesting concept. pull on the old thinking cap.
ok, time to wake up with a second cup of coffee. yum for morning coffee..

I'm off.

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