Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

what a far.. and beyond

you know, there is a shock during ones life when all of your friends seem to get "old" at the same time. All of my friends are exhibiting signs of arthritis, memory loss and hair badly thinning. the brisk walk or running to the school bell has been replaced by the shuffle of sliding feet along cracked sidewalks. They haven't grown old gracefully either. so much for my life journal entry.

Now that your properly depressed.......I'm going to try and take a 1.2 gig mpeg 4 video and burn it onto a dvd. I don't think I have enough room. so I looked for blue ray burners. ( this is not to burn blue ray programs; for that I'd need software to actually create blue ray discs)
the price for the PC devices are reasonably inexpensive. but I just don't know if I want to add to "THOR". "THOR" is the name for my latest computer. it's 2 years old now and sad to say, fast approaching its design life.
Of course, if the video's had been made smaller, I wouldn't even have this problem. the video is from a drone like air plane that acts like a helicopter. it's neat and has four engines with a fly time of about 3 hours, maybe.
I was told that the camera is a "Go-Pro". Not sure on that though.

so, off I go, here I come Google!

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