Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Ok, I'll admit it. My reading list is longer than what I've read lately. So,

I think I'm going to dedicate a few hours or more to catch up on all the stuff before me. It doesn't take long. I used to read way more than watch the idiot box, and now that there's nothing on the idiot box, I seem to watch it more???
I'm not sure what that is about, but maybe because the idiot box is faster and almost to the point ( a bad show is bad from the git go- you don't have to wait for next weeks episode). ok, the lazy factor too. I wonder why we feel the need to be in a rush with 'everything' now days? Habit's made can be habits changed. If I can clean the whole house after a few years of neglect, I guess I can do good stuff too.

I have about 6 books, stories I need/ want to read from people I know.
Better start today. and no, I will not be nutty enough to try writing a review. nope. nada. books are like dates you go on, each one is different and each holds a promise of better things. ( you know, I really should shut up when I'm ahead!)
ok, I'm off. let the bricks fly.

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