Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

He finally made it. Roshi is here.

it seems like the difference is between a .gif file and a .jpg??? not sure what that's about. all of the animated files I made were in that .gif format. I've been patiently waiting for the png animated format to "come of age", but I don't see that happening.

Today is kind of busy Saturday. I have a friend coming over to climb my tower and hitch a carbine on the rung. YAY. whatever that is.

of course, yesterday's grocery shopping adventure was thrilling. I got to pretend I'm a big "Merchandise" hunter in the wild aisles of a major grocery store. I found they had limited their moving stuff around and I found all the stuff I wanted. Except for Jam for toast. Yup. moved it. actually, the whole gondolas' merchandise had been relocated to another shelf.
whine whine whine. So today, I'm going to watch other people work while I wish I could help. sigh....

ok, I'm off
have a great weekend.

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