Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

how come I never used good old Rossi's picture as an icon?

Of all the anime characters I like, the one's that bring a smile to my face, I leave off? now, it's time to catch up.
Right after I post to this journal, I'm going hunting for a nice high quality photo of several of my favorite characters. I thought I had done this a long long time ago, but evidently, nope.
I still haven't watched "attack on Titan" or finished my mid summer reading. I'm a bad boy, huh.

I'm in a cleaning mood right now and I'm not going to stop, till.......the cows come home? naw, that would be a tad long. maybe just clean the windows.

ok, time to go and do something on this early August day.

I'm off.

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