Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

so much for the writing of it.

I watched as my pal climbed my tower so he could take down the aledged antenna that was up there. LOL. Wow, this is what happens when one doesn't stay involved with their own projects. Lets just say the old one simply fell down and we're ready to string up new wire rope support. They meant well.

so today, I start off Monday with a brisk walk up to the avenue. ( 3 blocks to the west) I'm out of wrather candy. Yes, you read rightly. I have acquired a taste for carmel hard candies. And how! They're also healthy for you too. they contain two of the daily ingredient's we require: sugar, grease and salt. yum yum.

Sad to hear about Studio Ghibi. one could almost see the writing on the wall. If you don't really cash in at the box office, they will close you down.
But when you think of the wonderful catalog they created with their anime's. sigh. I bet such talent they possess just doesn't sit idle for long!

ok, time to walk and sweat. at least our drinking water isn't green like Toledo's. I'm off

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