Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

This new Live Journal thing is driving me crazy.

You'd think I would have learned how to use things by now. I am beginning to think its not me, but a lack of understanding from the people who attempt to write or convey instructions on using their product. But, all in all, I'll flop around clicking this menu and back paging that till I feel comfortable with it.
Now on to game playing. I'm still on Fallout 3. I've discovered you can get different results based on the attributes you give your character. Male's seem to be stronger while females seem to be more sharp witted. but, its time to move on to Oblivion. ( by the time I do that, fallout 4 will be out)
what a perfect way to waste time!

I'm off. ( Scooter the cat thinks he can walk between my feet today. He can't)

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