Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Bolognia and Ritz crackers

My pal stopped over after I invited him for dinner. His wife is out of state teaching newly hired people how to drive a bus. The cuisine for tonight was as stated: bologna on Ritz crackers. We haven't had that in years. all that was missing was cheese and onions. yum. All the while we were eating, my pal drew on a piece of paper a schematic of current direction flow through transmission line. Interesting dinner conversation, huh.
That got me thinking about when we were kids: how far off are we from what we desired to become when we were impressionable little kids. I would have been completely happy to drive either a diesel locomotive or a bulldozer. I was easy to please. Though, thinking about it, I think most of us boys also thought about those careers. Girls? I think somewhere between becoming a teacher to a ballet dancer.
So, how did we turn out? From what I can surmise from other fellow grade schoolers, pretty diverse. From CEO's, to English Professors, to mountain climbers, writers, and even a theatre director. Amazing. Me? I'm farthest from what I ever imagined I would turn out to become: a Theoretical developmental psychology researcher. The really great thing about this is I've never stopped in my quest for investigation! I'm still going strong with my interest. Some day, I can see a text book from all this effort. Or a TV mini series with one of the Kardasians!
Like I said in the beginning of this, I'm easy to please..
Now you know I'm really off.

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