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The Mouse lives!!!!!!! Well, sort of ....

It's true! I finally found out where I bough the mouse from: not best buy, but Amazon. Called Microsoft and had a really nice experience with the company. I explained that the optical Trackball, died last week Monday, and no, it isn't my computer, we tested that out quickly. So, after reinstalling the Fax program that comes with Windows XP home, it only took me 4 hours to figure out how to send a fax. That particular program is the pits for sending faxes, too many click here to add files. But after 3 tries, at 4:24AM Thursday, it got through. Yeah for technology. Now I just have to wait to hear from MS's supplemental division and hopefully, if nothing goes wrong, I should have a new mouse coming to stay with me. If it isn't one thing......
so now, maybe I can spend more time thinking about creating and finally updating both my website and my dogs.
Now enjoy a nice, cool, wet and rainy weekend. Just the time to brew a pot of tea and watch anime.


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