Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I'm taking inventory of the dvd's I own.

I'm doing this simply because I don't have any shelve space left!! oh goody, another case to take up room in the living room. By doing the inventory, I'm finding out what goes where and perhaps, I can let loose of some of my non-exciting Dvd's. ( I really don't have that many that fit that description)
I tried to remember what was my very first anime Dvd. I'm pulling hair on that one, because I would get them at BestBuy, Amazon, The Rightstuf, Roberts anime corner store and Deep Discounts. Hmmm The Rightstuf comes to mind with the title "boogie pop phantom" . But I can't be sure. I said purchased, not watched. I can't remember the name of the first anime I watched, but remember it was one of those time filling anime's WKBD channel 50 out of Detroit would show between 2:30AM to 4AM. you know, they show 8 minutes of film, then 8 minutes of ad's, like the veg-matic or some thing like that. I remember sitting through the whole movie till it ended with Sunrise service! ah, those were the days.

oh, I did cancel Comcast yesterday. I flipped through the 400 plus channels and thought, "There's nothing on" and what is on isn't worth my time. Though I see "The Strain" is on now. I almost bought that book about a year ago when it came out. I thought at the time, Del Toro said they might make it into either a tv series or movie. maybe both?
Pacific Rim 2 is in the works as is Ridley Scotts Paradise.

ok, that's enough food for thought on this 62 degree, rainy Tuesday.

I'm really off this time.

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