Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

TGIF will never be the same.

I used to celebrate TGIF. you know, the last day of the week, just before we all jump off and play and do silly things over the weekend. But now, at least for me, it seems to be reduced to making a few phone calls to others who also have things to accomplish that they couldn't during the week. I should say, "Work Week". Funny, when we're kids, we can't wait to become adults, because we won't have to do what our parents tell us to do. Then we do grow up and presto, we've become some other kids parents! sigh.
It's not all drudgery. We're all allowed to hold cats and walk our furry friends as much as time permits. see, there is a bright side to this. ( The cat wrote the above sentence).

ok, it's grocery day and time to make out that list of what products were naughty and what were yummy. ( I should make a list of what I can afford and what I can dream about!)

I'm off......for sure...

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