Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

another power outage. this time, the cat and I slept in

till 11:30AM. Wow. and on a Sunday too. am I lucky or what.
today I'll try and finish reading the book on the pc version of Kindel. It kind of grows on you. this could put the I-any product to shame. so today I had to find out that the power was out from 7:23AM till 11:30AM. no tv, no phone, no computer. I could get used to this. kind of peaceful and restful at the same time. oh well. time will tell. the only reason I got cable was so I could watch worldview. I can do that with a roku. and that does not cost 100 a month. outrages.
Funny, there were more fireworks around the neighborhood on Friday than last night.

time to go feed the kitty(S) on the porch.

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