Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

see the horse and rider on the cold, snow covered mountain?

it's from Skyrim. But I wished last night we had those temperatures here. I think the lowest it got last night was about 72 or so. But oh the humidity! Yikes! and of course, the cat factor. Yes, in dealing with the comfort index, we must take into account, The cat factor. That factor adds the uncomfortable level way about normal. It has to do with a warm shedding fur ball, who, only in this weather, likes to cuddle up as close as he can get so you feel loved. ( I think he does that on purpose).
so another day of hiding in the AC. what else can one do???
oh well, there's always cheesy movies to watch.

I'm trying to stay decent and being OFF at the same time. Good luck to me.

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