Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes I did......I actually slept in with the cat..

He's up to something, I can tell. Yesterday, my neighbor came over and brought the little rascal "Cat Nip". He immediately went crazy over the stuff and started to roll around on the carpet. He then proceeded to guard the cat nip most of the day. One eye and nose were attuned to where all the cat nip was.
Then afternoon came and it was time to go grocery shopping. YAY me. Big surprise there. They actually changed the cat and dog items from one isle to another. You know its' going to be a long day when you have to ask for assistance in finding Cat Litter! I found it: it was 2 isles up. What else did they change? I just got the bare necessities. The prospect of hunting for stuff on a hot day just doesn't do it for me....
No, I did not get fresh fruit or ice cream. Too hot and the AC wasn't on in the car. but ok. I sort of got my "picnic" stuff for later today and tomorrow. Today, is do nothing day. Yay for me. Time to perhaps start "Oblivion" or jump feet first into "Skyrim". YAY.
ok, you all keep cool and safe. drink oodles of WATER.

I'm way off. ( the cat said so!)

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